Surrey 4×4 Response is a charity made up of volunteer drivers that can offer a variety of
services to Local Authorities, Emergency Services and other Volunteer Agencies.
Supporting within the areas of Surrey, South & South West London.

Principally this is providing reliable transport in times of major emergencies and severe weather (snow & ice, gales, heavy rain and floods).

This can be to transport essential personnel or supplies to areas that would be hard or impossible to reach in normal vehicles, and also in support of emergency rest centres set up by local authorities.

We can also provide assistance when an emergency response organisation’s own vehicle assets have been depleted by the demands made on them.

We are one group that are part of a national 4×4 Response UK organisation covering most of the UK.

We can be called by any Category One or Two Responder as defined by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, and by voluntary agencies with whom we have an agreement.

Examples of tasks where we have been asked to assist and provide support:

  • Delivering water, medicines, food and hygiene packs following the floods.
  • Helping Local Authorities in setting up and running Emergency Rest Centres.
  • Transporting Out Of Hours GPs and community nurses during floods & snow.
  • Attending Local Authority emergency planning exercises.
  • Evacuating members of the public during floods.
  • Transporting members of Search and Rescue Teams to remote search areas.
  • Recovering ambulances and/or their crew and patients stuck in snow and ice.
  • Rescuing drivers and passengers from stranded vehicles on snow bound roads.
  • Providing mobile marshals for sponsored walks, carnivals & other charity events.
  • Assisting with extracting cars from muddy fields at Isle of Wight Festival and Glastonbury Festival.

4×4 Response is here to assist you, build us into your Emergency Pre-Plan.

Contact your local group to discuss ways that we could help you. Please note that Surrey 4×4 Response is NOT a rescue / emergency organisation, but exists to provide support to such organisations.

We provide this service as a member of the Emergency Voluntary Agencies Group in each of the Local Resilience Forum areas that we cover.

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